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This is the Soup Kitchen for Fiction.

The Soup Kitchen of Fiction
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All Members , Moderated
For anyone whose stories need a home. For freelance or aspiring writers of fiction and stuff.
She's Come Undone. A Clockwork Orange. The Painted Bird. Catcher In the Rye. The Bell Jar. Heartbeat. The Natural. Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, and Leonard Cohen in general. Also M. Ward though he's never put out a novel.

House Rules:

1. Be respectful and make all critiques constructive.
2. Everyone is open to submit anything. Seriously.
3. Guys, everyone's allowed to join. So, anyone found being rude or irrelevant will immediately be disemboweled.
4. Over 500 words goes under the cut. Preferably. Unless you enjoy scrolling.
5. No mutinies.
6. Any other form of work you have to accompany what you've written is welcome (i.e. artwork, illustration, handwritten poem...) No cuts necessary (depending on size) You can decide.